Making your special occasion magical

The Complete Wedding Magician Tony Steward can provide the perfect start to a Wedding Celebration by introducing fun, laughter and total amazement to help everyone to break the ice. As his professional name suggests, he offers a complete and bespoke package to keep guests entertained at key points throughout the celebrations:

The Wedding Reception

As guests arrive, there may be some who feel a little hesitant and reluctant to mix. This is where The Complete Wedding Magician really starts his magic – at first quietly mingling with guests and showing stunning close-up magic, generally attracting a small group of intrigued spectators. This intimate style of performance acts as a catalyst to get people talking to each other and to relax in each other’s company.

The Wedding Photos

Wedding photographer at work

PHOTO SESSION: Tony can entertain guests as photos are taken.

This can be the most tedious time of the day for some guests, having to stand around for up to 90 minutes as the photographs are taken.

But with the help of The Complete Wedding Magician, most will enjoy some magic by the end of the photo session and they will be telling fellow guests what they can look forward to later in the day. Instead of feeling bored, there will be a buzz of anticipation as the topic of conversation turns to magic and astonished guests try to answer the burning question: ‘How does he do it?’

As an experienced wedding professional, Tony always works closely with wedding photographers and videographers and in addition to keeping guests entertained, he strives to keep them close at hand when it’s their turn for those all-important photocalls.

The Wedding Breakfast

SPECIAL: Wedding Magician Tony presents special top table magic.

SPECIAL DEAL: Wedding Magician Tony presents special top table magic.

Bride and Groom: Firstly, if the situation is right – and it normally is, Tony will perform some mind-blowing, exceptional and amazing magic to the Bride and Groom.

Guests: Tony can fill the gaps perfectly by working with catering staff to determine the serving order for tables and cocentrating on guests who will be served last. During the meal, he is usually in great demand from guests calling him over to show them more stunning magic.

The Wedding Speeches

Youngsters receive balloons at the end of their special show.

BALLOON MAGIC: Youngsters receive balloons at the end of their special show.

Tony is often asked to entertain children during the ‘boring’ speeches when some younger guests find it impossible to sit still and be quiet for more than a couple of minutes. He has been presenting children’s magic shows for many years and regularly entertains at corporate parties for youngsters in London (Tower 42, Canary Wharf, and M&G).

During his shows, children have the opportunity to take part or just observe the magic and – when he gets the nod to say the speeches have finished – Tony generally finishes by presenting each child with modelling balloons.

After the Wedding Speeches

At some wedding venues, rooms have to be cleared and guests moved out as preparations are made for the evening entertainment. This is where Tony can work more of his magic by getting everybody in party mood for the evening entertainment and dancing the night away!