Same-Sex Weddings

Landmark changes in the law mean that same-sex couples can now marry and same-sex weddings have been taking place since March 2014.

Many wedding entertainers including magician Tony Steward have welcomed the changes which are leading to a steady increase in demand for his services.

Wedding CakeThe beauty of magic is that it has universal appeal and is ideal for any celebration but Tony says he is constantly developing special content for the emerging market.

He explained: “Most couples ask me to perform special magic for them at the top table and it’s always nice when this has a personalised touch.

“All my services are bespoke so it’s important to chat to clients, discuss needs and make sure all the boxes are ticked.

“That way, clients can be absolutely confident that the entertainment on their Big Day will be appropriate, relevant and fun … with no embarrassing moments.”

If you are planning a same-sex wedding celebration and would like to discuss your ideas or check availability and prices, give Tony a call on 020 8592 7226 or use this link to send an instant message.