Birthday party magician Tony Steward can help you to celebrate your milestone birthday in style by entertaining you and your guests with amazing close-up magic tricks and illusions.

Milestone birthday | Gift boxesA milestone birthday is an extra-special occasion and best of all, it’s an ideal opportunity to have a celebration to remember … really push the boat out and do something that will leave you, your family and friends with happy memories for years to come.

Milestone occasions start with the first birthday and continue to the 100th and beyond, with many in between, depending on tradition, religion, culture or which part of the world you live in. Here in the UK, special importance is attached to birthdays which have legal significance (16th, 18th and 21st), those which mark decades (30th, 40th, 50th etc) and some which mark a quarter century (25th and 75th).

They are a time for reflection as they mark the end of an era. And they are a cause for celebration as they herald the start of a new era in the journey through life. Often, milestone birthdays bring together people of all ages and there’s no better way to provide top-class entertainment than with a professional magician with a performance repertoire to appeal to everyone regardless of age.

Tony Steward is a seasoned birthday entertainer who can help to break the ice as your guests arrive, entertain them as they gather for drinks or at individual tables, and he’s bound to attract gasps of amazement as he mingles with guests at your special birthday event.

Milestone birthdays are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate, so don’t miss out! To check availability and prices, give Tony a call on 020 8592 7226 or use this link to send an instant message.

Although most of Tony’s bookings are from Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire (Herts) and London, he travels far and wide to entertain at birthday parties and other celebrations.

Tony’s performance was pure magic!

Hi Tony – I have to tell you how pleased we were with the way you entertained us at Linda’s 70th birthday celebration.

In the past I have been at events where there has been a magician. They were good but nothing like as good as you were. Your tricks were bewildering. Just as important was the friendly and casual way you mingled with our guests. It could not have been done better. Pure magic.

Thank you. You were great – Ian Gerecht

Wiggie waggie woo – what wonderful magic!

Dear Tony – You came recommended to me and what an inspiration it was to book you for some entertainment at my home for my 80th birthday.

I do not think I have seen my daughter laugh like that in over 18 months and the rest of the family were exactly the same.

The two great-grandchildren were beside themselves as you know and I cannot believe we all – yes all of us including an 80 year old – were shouting (at the top of our voices) wiggie, waggie woo!

Well it was wiggie, waggie woo and full of wonderful magic and yes, when you left there were so many tricks that they just could not believe. It was indeed the topic of conversation during the rest of the day.

Memories are priceelss and I recommend anyone thinking of having some sort of event to book you. I will certainly recommend you to friends – Pat Gunn

‘Our surprise party was unforgettable’

Thank you so much for all your time and effort that you spent helping me turn my partner’s surprise 30th birthday party into something he and all of our friends and family will not forget.

Everyone is still talking about the magic you performed, leaving everyone guessing at how you could have managed it! I tried to concentrate as hard as possible to see how you performed them but I am still absolutely baffled!

I felt the telephone and email contact we had beforehand for organising the party was really great and really put my mind at rest on several concerns and questions I had.

My partner has many groups of friends and family who came to the party and I was concerned that they would not all interact, however you managed to pull them all together and create something very memorable.

I would not have been able to create such a brilliant event without you. I must say to anyone who is thinking of hiring your services for their event – hire this magician and you truly will have a magical fun night! I could not find a fault, only that my guests did not want the party to finish!

I will definitely be using your service again, I am trying to find an excuse to hold another event. I feel whatever the event, your service adds that little extra something that will leave everyone, young or old, amazed, bamboozled and truly astounded – Jacqui