Tony hotfoots it to boost charity firewalk

Magician Tony Steward kept his cool when he received a last-minute call to help out at a charity event – a sponsored firewalk.

HOT STUFF: Tony often uses fire as part of his act ... but he draws the line at walking barefoot over burning coals!

Luckily, he wasn’t asked to join participants stepping barefoot over burning coals to raise cash for the charity Clowns in the Sky which funds research and treatment of childhood brain tumours and gives help and support to youngsters and their families.

Instead, he entertained the fundraisers and their supporters throughout the evening at the Foxhound pub in Orsett, Essex, and helped them to raise thousands of pounds.

Clowns in the Sky organiser Donna Byrne reports that proceeds from the event on September 10 exceed £4,300 and when all the sponsorship cash has been collected, it is hoped to top £5,000.

Tony said: “I’ve got several burning ambitions but walking on burning coals is not one of them – I’ll stick to magic!”

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