Search for a magician can be so tricky!

Finding a magician can be trickier than you might imagine. That’s because spelling the word magician often catches people out and they end up trawling the internet for an obscure search term such as magican … which is more likely to find you a tin opener. That can be pretty frustrating when you really want to find a pukka magician like Tony Steward*, not a kitchen gadget!

Statistics from an online spell-check site show that magican is the most common error, followed by magition, magicain, magicion and magiciam. These five words account for nearly 80 percent of mistakes.

Other misspellings include magiacian, magicin, magicen, majician, and magicien.

* Although Tony is quite handy in the kitchen, he is best known as a pukka magician which is highlighted by his qualification as an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. And he’s got more than 30 years’ experience as a professional entertainer to his credit, working as a wedding magician, corporate magician and party entertainer.

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